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①Iwhat is your major﹖

AMy major is Business Administration. I am especially interested in″Marketing″.


②IWhich university are you attending﹖

AI am attending×××University.

③IHave you received any degrees﹖

AYes. FirstI received my Bachelor degree in English Literatureand then an MBA degree.

④IWhat course did you like best﹖

AProject Management. I was very interested in this course when I was a student. And I think it's very useful for my present work.

⑤IDo you feel that you have received a good general training﹖

AYesI have studied in an English train-ing program and a computer training program since I graduated from university. I am currently studying Finance at a training school. 介绍工作经验:显露实力,避免炫耀

①IHave you ever been employed﹖

②IYour resume says you have had one-year experience working in a foreign representative office in Shanghaimay I ask why you left﹖

AI worked in a foreign rep.office for one year.HoweverI left there two years ago because the work they gave me was rather dull.I found another job that is more interesting.

③IHave you done any work in this field﹖

④IWhat qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful in your field﹖

⑤IWhat have you learned from the jobs you have had﹖

AI have learned a lot about business know how and basic office skills. In additionI learned at my previous job show to cooperate with my colleagues.

⑥IWhat's you major weak point﹖

AI haven't been involved in international businessso I don't have any experiencebut I have studied this course in the International Business Training Center of the×××Company.

⑦IWhat are your greatest strengths﹖(实话实说好了,不必客气,但应注意语气和表情,不要给人炫耀之感。)

⑧IPlease tell me about your working experience.

⑨IDoes your present employer know you are looking for another job﹖

ANoI haven't discussed my career plans with my present employerbut I am sure he will understand. 性格爱好:表现积极、合作的一面

①IHow do you spend your spare time﹖

②IAre you interested in sports﹖

③IDo you think you are introverted or extroverted﹖

④IWhat kind of personality do you think you have﹖

AI always approach things very enthusiastically. When I beg in somethingI don't like to leave it halfdone. I can't concentrate on something new until the first thing is finished.

⑤IWhat is the most important thing for you to be happy﹖

ADifferent people have different ideas. I think the most important thing for me is having a good relationship with my family members and my friends. My family has always been very closeknitand my friend sand I spend a lot of time together. Without that I would be much less happy than I am.

⑥IWhat makes you angry﹖

ADishonesty. It's unacceptable.

⑦IWhat are your personal weaknesses﹖

AI'm afraid I'm a poor talker. I'm not comfortable talking with the people whom I have just met for the first time. That is not very good for businessso I have been studying public speaking.

⑧IAre you more of a leader or a follower﹖

AI don't try to lead people. I'd rather cooperate with everybodyand get the job done by working together. 工作要求:我能胜任

①IDo you think you can make yourself easily understood in English﹖