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Herewith we enclose a cheque, value $50,000, which please place to the credit of Mr. K.Kondo, and acknowledge receipt to us in duplicate.


By order and for account of Mr.Satoh, I hand you enclosed a draft for $200,000 at sight, which please pass to the credit of his account.


I send you herewith a cheque, value $250,000, receipt of which please acknowledge.


In settlement of your invoice of 1st May, $125,000, we enclose a draft, on the Mitsuo Bank, for which amount please credit our account and acknowledge receipt.



We acknowledge receipt of your cheque, $100,000, in settlement of the charges on the consignment, and pass this sum to your credit, with best thanks.


We are in due receipt of your favour of yesterday, covering a cheque for $55,000, for which we thank you.


We are duly in receipt of your favour of the 5th May, enclosing a draft, value $51,250, to balance your account.


We acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the cheque for $31,250, in settlement of your account to 15th May.



We have this day drawn the following bill of exchange on your esteemed firm- No.123, $500,000, payable at sight.


We have to acquaint you that, in accordance with your instructions, we have this day drawn upon Messrs, tanaka & Co., at 60d/s for $200,000, inclusive of charges.


We advise you that we have drawn on you this day for $100,000, at 3m/d, to the order fo yourself, which we commend to your kind protection.


we have the pleasure to inform you that we have drawn this day on you for $500,000, at 3m/s. for which we have credited you as usual.



As the wines are not yet disposed of, nor likely to be for some time, we cannot obey Mr. Saito's orders as to drawing on you or remitting you the balance at present.


Should you have an opportunity, you may draw on me for the cost of coal, together with that of insurance, which you will be so good as to effect on the outward cargo to its full value, with an addition of five per cent, to cover expenses in case of loss.


For your reimbursement, you will draw on me at sixty days' sight, and at the most favourable exchange, furnishing me at the same time, with an invoice, bill of lading and insurance policy.


For the amount of your invoice, you will be so good as to draw on Messrs. A & Co. of Hamburg, at three months' date, and forward them a bill of lading, requesting them to effect insurance.



We have taken the liberty of drawing on you today against this consignment for $500,000 at sixty days' sight, which please protect on presentation.


I take liberty to trouble you with the enclosed draft for $50, at thirty days' sight, on Mr. Black of Axbridge, which I shall be obliged by your getting accepted, and retaining in your possession until due, at which time you can remit me the amount.

我公司伦敦分公司开出面额300,000元的汇票一张,兹同函奉上,承兑后寄还为荷。 Enclosed we hand you a draft, $300,000, drawn on you by our London house. Kindly accept same and return.


Herewith we hand you a draft from Messrs. Brown & Bros., of Kobe, on your goodselves, which please accept and return to us in due course.



We hand you enclosed a draft, value $500,000 at sight, on the Mitsuki Bank of your city, receipt of which please acknewledge.


Enclosed is a sight draft for $26.15 on Messrs. Robert & Sons, which clears off our indebtedness to you.

谨同函奉上以George Bury公司为付款人、面额500美元见票后60日付款的第一联汇票一张,请办理手续取款后, 记我的贷方帐户为荷。

Enclosed you will receive first of exchange for $500 at sixty days' sight, on George Bury &Co., with which you will please to do the needful, and credit my account accordingly.


Enclosed please find five bills of exchange, as noted at foot, amounting to $5,620,000.


贵方9月1日函及所附以George Bury公司为付款人、面额500美元见票后60日付款的汇票一张均已收悉,现已获得及时承兑,到期后将记入贵方贷方帐户。

I am favoured with your esteemed letter of the first Sept., encloseing $500 in a bill at sixty days' sight, on George Bury & Co., which, having been duly honoured, will appear to your credit at maturity.

你方由本人指定以Martin公司为付款人的三张汇票, 已由史密斯公司承兑。

Your three drafts on Martin & Co., to my order, have been accepted by Smith & Co.


Your draft under date of th 7th Oct., at 30 days' date to your own order, will be duly honoured.



We regret to state that the bill for $560,000 on Mr. sutoh, hsa been dishonoured by non-payment, and we shall be obliged by your remitting us $567,500, amount of same and charges incurred.


We state that your draft, No. 2345, for $2,500,000, duly accepted by Mr. Yano, has been dishonoured by non-payment.


the draft for $1,000,000 which, as I advised you on the 1st March had not been accepted, having since become due and not being discharged, I have now to return it to you with a protest for non-payment, together with an account of my commission and charges, amounting to $1,013,500, for which I have drawn on you at sight, to the order of Mr. Ohki.



Our Mr. Osawa is away in Osaka on an urgent business, and will not return until the 1st May, and so if you will kindly let the matter stand over till then, we will send you a cheque by the first post on the 2nd of the same month.


As we expect to receive three large sums within the next few days, days, we will send you some money by Monday at the latest.


I shall be very much obliged if you will give me a little more time to settle your account due 1st June



We tegret that we are not able at the moment to make you a settlement.

贵公司要求该帐在7月16日以前结清, 但我公司恐怕无能为力,我们将乐意接受贵方二个月期的汇票以结清这笔款项。

We are afraid it will be impossible for us to settle your account by the 16th July next--the date you mention--but we shall be willing to accept a bill for the settlement at 2 m/date.


Owing to the serious depression of trade now prevailing, we shall be unable to meet our acceptance for $1,500, which matures for payment on the 18th Oct.



Enclosed I wait on you with your account current, balance carried to your debit this day in a new account, $15.7, which Itrust you find correct.


Enclosed I now wait on you with your account current, leaving a balance of $500 in my favour, which if found correct, you will be so good as to pass to a new account.


I hand you, enclosed, your account current, showing a balance in my fivour of $500.



The customer pays the instalments direct to us, after delivery o fthe articles and we send him the receipts.


You have on hire from us a sewing machine, for which we hold your written agreement to make regular payments at the rate o f$15 per month.


As the machine was hired to you on the understanding that regular payments would be made, we must ask that in future the terms of the afreement should be strictly adhered to.



Please note that our pay day for Town Accounts is Wednesday of any Week, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., but we expect creditors to send representatives to agree to amounts for settlement at least three days prior to calling for their cheques.


The account is subject to 10% discount if settled within fifteen days of rendering, after which it is strictly net.